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At The Bike Shop we understand the rush that comes from being on a bicycle, and more than that, we know that a bike must be a well-tuned piece of equipment in order to deliver optimal performance to you, the rider. We supply parts from overseas that are sparse and hard to find in America but offer unique and superior quality you can’t find anywhere else. We carry everything from the road bike frames, all the way down to the front or back derailleurs. You can also shop our store for biking apparel for both men and women, and find useful accessories like cameras, car racks, locks, lights and tools.

The Bike Shop strives to be the #1 leader for providing our customers with exclusive, top of the line products to help you build, fix or maintain your bicycle. Need new handlebars or hubs? How about a saddle or bike tires? Some would simply go to their local discount department store and simply pull the cheapest thing from the shelf. You? You care about getting the best product for the long-term for both you and your bike. We get it. And we’re bringing it straight to your door with the ease and convenience set up through our online shopping center. And we’re giving you affordable prices to boot. Let us help you preserve your bike with quality lubricants, maintenance equipment and bike parts. We sell each part that makes up a completely packaged bike as individual items that you can expediently choose from and know exactly what you’ll pay with our free shipping policy.