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The Parts Shoppe (TPS) SBG-32 2oz.

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SBG-32™ is specially formulated grease derived from the aerospace industry. It is specifically designed for high speed bearings which are sensitive to viscosity. Using a grease with a thick viscosity grease only slows the bearings down which requires the cyclist to pedal harder. One tester even said “Just adding this grease [SBG-32™] gets you as much performance advantage as replacing steel balls with ceramic balls in your bearings! Doing both, there is virtually no rolling resistance”

Greases consist of Base oils and thickeners. Each has its own purpose and viscosity rating.
But first, What is Viscosity? Viscosity is the ratio of the shearing stress to the velocity gradient in a fluid. Or, in simpler terms, it describes a fluid’s resistance to flow. A fluid with a high viscosity (example honey) will flow very slowly, whereas a fluid with a low viscosity (example water) will flow more quickly. The total apparent viscosity is the adding of the base oil and thickener viscosities together. – grease is mostly oil – which is what does the lubricating. 80%-95% of grease consists of oil. SBG-32™ uses synthetic base oil which has a lower coefficient of friction than compared to mineral (non-synthetic) oil. Synthetic oils allow parts to run smoother, cooler, and thereby faster. For example, the molecules that makeup a standard mineral oil are all different sizes. It would be as if you placed footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, and baseballs on a table then ran your hand over the top of them…not too smooth. With synthetic oil, all of the molecules are the same size. It would be like putting all ping pong balls on a table and running your hand over them. Very, very smooth and much less friction. This is the reason that synthetic oils have less friction and therefore run smoother and cooler.


Grease Additives
Thickener – 2%-20% of the composition of grease is the thickener. Greases are classified according to their thickener as well as their consistency. Consistency is represented by the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) system rated from 000 to 6. The lower the number the lower the viscosity. 000 would be like cooking oil, 2, like peanut butter, and 6 would be like a piece of cheddar cheese). 90% + of grease manufactured use a Lithium-based thickener. SBG-32™ is clay based and thereby non-sticky and very slippery. Most bicycle greases are NLGI 2 – 2.5. SBG-32™ , on the other hand, is NLGI 1.25-1.5 (about half of the viscosity of standard high-quality bicycle/motorcycle grease).

Additives – 0%-15% of grease is additives.
SBG-32™ is perfect for bearings. With its light viscosity, low coefficient of friction synthetic base oil, and anti-wear properties, SBG-32™ is ideal for bicycle bottom bracket bearings and bicycle and motorcycle wheel bearings. SBG-32™ will keep you spinning fast!

SBG-32™ is perfect for cables and housing. With its light base oil, SBG-32™ can easily penetrate down into and between the individual wires within a cable which will prevent corrosion making the cables last longer. And, because the base oil is synthetic, it makes the cable more slippery which makes for faster and more precise shifting and braking.

SBG-32™ is perfect for nuts, bolts, screws and fasteners. SBG-32™ is waterproof and will more evenly coat and protect against corrosion, rust and oxidation for a longer period of time.

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER – SBG-32™ offers energy savings through reduced friction and lower torque, and reduced temperatures in the load zone of rolling element bearings. SBG-32™ is an NLGI 1.25-1.5 grade with ISO VG 32 base oil.

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